For 4-H Liberia’s mission and vision to be met, its needs to partner with local, national, governmental, and international organizations.

Current Partners:

Ministry of Education Liberia

The Ministry of Education is the government of Liberia agency that is responsible to supervise all learning institutions in Liberia. 4-H Liberia works with the school systems, and in order to be successful, this government organization is a crucial partner.

Ministry of Agriculture Liberia

The Ministry of Agriculture is the government of Liberia agency that is responsible training, supervising and developing the agriculture sector in Liberia. As 4-H Liberia is an agriculture-based organization; this government agency is also a key partner.

National 4-H Council, USA

Every country is responsible for her own 4-H Program, but the National 4-H Council has been very instrumental in developing 4-H in Liberia by providing materials, financial resources, training, and links to key partners.

United States African Development Foundation (USADF)

In 2014, 4-H Liberia began a project funded by USADF to established 72 Enterprise School Gardens in 6 counties- Bomi, Bong, Gbarpolu, Margibi, Montserrado and Lofa. The objectives of this project are:
Develop students’ agriculture skills
Train students in leadership
Scout out future farmers
Develop the capacity of 4-H Liberia.

The Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

In 2012, 4-H Liberia established a partnership with Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church through its Department of General Education and Ministry. The purpose of the partnership is to help 4-H Liberia administratively. Up to the present, the 4-H Liberia National Office is within the Department of General Education and Ministry.

AgriCorps, USA

AgriCorps is a United States based organization that bring US college graduates in agriculture to teach agricultural education to develop countries. AgriCorps is helping to build the capacity of 4-H Liberia by developing the national staff, field officers, agriculture teacher and club members in leadership and agricultural education.
4-H Liberia is still seeking partnerships to reach more young people in Liberia. If you are interested in partnering with 4-H Liberia, please contact us.

Seed Programs International

Seed Programs International mission is to provide good quality seed, expertise, and training materials to humanitarian organizations working around the world to alleviate hunger and poverty.