Gender Education

One of the objectives of the 4-H Program is to develop leaders. Liberia, like other African countries, is a male dominant society. In the process of developing leaders, females need to be included without being restricted to certain jobs.

The objectives of this project are:

a. For boys to see girls as partners in development

b. To erase the notion that there are specific jobs for girls and others for boys

c. To empower students in home arts activities to create income for their families.

Presently, the current home arts activities are:

a. Handmade Bags

Handbags and purses are sewn from cloth remnants from tailor shop. The children are asked by their teachers to come with materials each class time.

b. Potholder

The potholders are made from bottle caps and cloth remnants from tailor shops.

This program is proven to be relevant because:

a. Girls and boys are understanding the meaning of leadership, and they are serving equally in leadership positions.

b. Boys and girls are learning to make handmade bags and potholders as a club and individual projects.

c. Some of the club members, especially the girls, are making the bags at home. The sale of the bags is generating income for their families. Girls are learning to generate income by working with their hands rather than depending on the support of men who may abuse them, leading to teenage pregnancy.